Friday, 21 September 2012

Location based Digital Marketing

If your customer don't find you in the top of search then you are loosing brand visibility. I am spending half my budget on advertising and I don't know which half it is. I am generating content for the brand and make people talk about the brand (WOM). My brand is so gregarious but I am not able to make a social strategy. I am writing but my content is not properly marketed.
My strategy is '' Think locally act globally''.
From a brand perspective If your customers are local make strategies local then back link your strategies globally.
It is possible to implement all digital marketing platforms on to a to a constrained location to increase the brand reputation and visibility. Location based marketing is closely authorized with mobiles and tablets.

How does it work:

The basic analytic s used in location based marketing 


How to integrate Location based applications in a Digital marketing plan

Register the place where your brand stores or business are located on these applications
Entertain people who check most
give valuable offers to one who has highest number of check-ins through these applications
Respond them on the basis of comments and discussions
Use location based advertising services:
These services will create awareness among the users about your brand. LBA (location based advertising will work on the principle of Geo tracking)
Make sure that location based SEO is done for your longitude and latitude
Implement marketing mix which includes social strategies like Face book discussions, tweets and LinkedIn business pages about the number of check ins
Keep the quality content alive in all the context
Be always animated.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Facebook analysis in U.K market

Facebook almost turned as spearhead for all social networking sites, an analysis on book marking or brand engagement is ambled around Face book to bring clear picture.

People in U.K are more closely associated with the following brands in Facebook.

Friday, 14 September 2012


Underneath ballot lot of strategies, web full of campaigns, lightening Brand values, Forcing symphonies and finally success. One of the world’s largest democratic ballots is getting influenced by digital marketing and Digital marketing strategists. Believe it.
Here are the Analysis of Barak Ossian Obama and Mitt Romney’s Digital political plans                                                                                         


Barack Ossian Obama                                                              Mitt Romney  
Digital strategies                                                                         Digital Strategies
SOCIAL MEDIA                                                                           Social Media

CORE (TWITTER)                                                                       Core (FB and Twitter)

OWNS: Literally                                                                            Viral marketing

Viral marketing                                                                             WOM
SEO: Political Campaign                                                            SEO: Political campaign

No PPC                                                                                          NO PPC

Blogs                                                                                               Blogs

Ranking top of search engine                                                      Effective online Adverts                                                                                                                         

The president of United States has merged completely in social media by running his campaign around tweets to mass reach polls.
Mitt Romney; an opponent to remember for his strategies to reduce the impact of social marketing with Adverts, Blogs, and affiliates.

Social media:

Barack Ossian Obama’s key word ‘LITERALLY’ in twitter to gain more search and visibility is working for him. Analysis shows he has the most number of tweets coming from elsewhere.


Mitt Romney’s website accompanies the space for highly search words on search engines like JOBS, AMERICANS, DESERVE and SECURITY. This clearly indicates how his website was fully organised for revisits and to create much awareness among the people.


ONLINE ADVERTISING is an area of Digital marketing which won’t show the immediate impact but creates awareness and make people to make decisions on a slow pace.
Mitt Romney’s political adverts to shiver the president are creating cold sensations in the white house. The placement of the adverts and propagation in popular sites is gaining him the market value.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Iphone 5 the next Digital marketing platform

Tim cooks announced the world that Apple is launching its eagerly awaited handset on 28th of September. 1.2 Billion People around the globe watched his key note online to know the extra added features on the latest version.
Apple announced that viewer’s ratio from 4s to 5 has dramatically increased which clearly emulates the enthusiasm surrounding 5.
LTE is the latest addition to Iphone5, which is a small A6 chip integrated to increase the connectivity and for fast downloading of applications. LTE is the fastest of WIFI which increases the rapidness in building connections, browsing and social bookmarking.

How can Iphone5 increase the digital marketing level?


Buzz on this inundated version, people has browsed all different sources to know the key features and updates by using all possible digital platforms.

Brings new WOM: 

Product specific details on the digital space is going viral with the increased word of mouth marketing

Set up with all platforms:

I phone 5 is set up with all digital platforms like e-mail, social media, Book marking, information services, Browsing and last but not least latest Map viewer.
With all these platforms integrated in one and with the rise of new technology (A6 LTE) I phone5 can be a next digital marketing Platform

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The impact of user generated content on buying homes. How can brands counter?

A decade ago, consumers had few resources for researching experience goods. Aside from asking personal acquaintances, consumers were mostly limited to reading or watching critics' reviews in newspapers or on television
With the rise of the Internet, consumers increasingly have access to opinions from other consumers outside their immediate circle in real life. Several studies have documented the fact that online users are motivated to write reviews for a number of reasons; in online communities, users often write reviews to increase their influence and status or to provide useful input to other members of the community. There is also evidence that online community members are more likely to adopt opinions and decisions similar to other members, thereby increasing the impact of user-generated content. Some studies have gone further and shown that consumers often prefer recommendations from other consumers over professional reviews by critics especially in the case of “hedonic goods” such as movies, music, and books.
What happens when it comes to buying a life time value, are they really influenced with user generated contents. Every day consumers  and audience are exposed to more than thousands of messages out of them a common human being can remember  only a few which connects with their decisions. When a consumer is opted to buy a home he gets influenced by many psychological entities, economic state; beyond that he is exposed to lot of messages on internet which is termed as user generated content or UGC. The maximum impact of UGC is on pre purchase stage that to investments like house.

How can Brands counter them?

It was a serious concern for the brands to stop that negatively published user generated content but now it has become so simple with the rise of digital marketing platforms. What you need to do?

Monitor digital platforms:

Monitor all the digital platforms like FB, twitter, LinkedIn and video sites weather any content which is going viral against the brand. Check all the possible blogs which relates your brand portfolio. Keep a close eye on who is watching it, what is the chance of reaching these texts and videos to your target segment and customers.  

Respond them:

Instead of countering them or producing articles against them try to see the links and check the content and the links corresponding to that. Minimise the impact to go viral by good customer support. A good brand always does this and makes the same user to produce content for the brand. Normally many brands try to vanish the links which generally deepens the problems.

 Use PR strategies:

Use different PR strategies as quick as possible to monitor their attacks

Have UGC’S for your own brand:

Take a chance of creating content which is of high quality to impress your buyers or to create awareness. 

Monday, 10 September 2012

Gain Profit and high brand visibility by buying words on Twitter:

It is tendency of a consumer or buyer to get in to the details of a product in pre-purchase stage. Decision making process always starts with product reviews, user interactions and social networking sites. When you seriously engage your brand with a celebrity, which congruence’s the target segment and the brand then brand goes viral and creates buzz……What if you are offering B2B services, where will you fit celebs?  Is there something where you get free word of mouth and high quality buzz?
Audience and users are closely related to words which have high search probability and easy to remember. If you buy a word which is closely related to your brand and business which has highest search probability then you will be treated extra special on this amazing platform which you get good brand engagement and maximum number of relative fans.

What is word buying?

Word buying is a phenomena where you will be listed or shown on the page when a user search for a particular word which you have already own it.There are a few knowledgeable sites like pretweeting and tweet exchange where you can buy words on twitter

How can it help your brand?

Choose a word which has high user interaction or frequent acquaintance and focus on having the word. The word selected should have minimum fit with the brand then the chance of visibility and buzz is high.
For example you own a word ‘arena’ and users stared to tweet or search for  international arena or world privacy arena then your brand will pop up and form a first impression which fills the gap you are missing on the twitter …….at some point of stage people will start searching for your brand.

How to make decisions and whom to contact:

 The decisions should be made with social networking or social media team who will monitor how word gamble works on twitter platform.
A digital marketing crew can make decisions which will raise your presence on twitter and get more number of fans.

How audience get engaged?

Engagement process starts with the word and the twitter groups and the number of tweets which involves how you use the word; later on people come to know that the word is nothing but your brand and make sure that you carry this effect to other digital platforms
For more updates follow:

Friday, 7 September 2012

Selling services with Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion rate optimization is an important aspect of online marketing. A brand always needs CRO unless your brand is too big for audience to remember its url. If your website generates traffic of 10000 and out of that if 100 people buy your services then your CRO is 1%. Conversion rate optimisation cannot be increased on a single day. It has to be supported with set of plans and methodologies. Here are some of the steps to increase conversion rate optimization of a brand.

Plan before implementing: 

These are the simple steps to implement before doing conversion rate optimization for  a website  

Identify the source of traffic: You have got lot of analytics at your disposal which will give a brief description of where the traffic is coming from. If your website has high in flow of traffic use  tools that detail the source. Identifying traffic is the first and important role in planning for your CRO

Know who your visitors are: As a brand know the visitors, segment them, position them and Target them. If your website is for youth then use flashy images, testimonials and be stylish if your website is targeted for middle class always be informative.

Explore the capabilities: If you know the capabilities of your services do not hide them, try to explore as best as possible, because customer loves to know what you are doing and how you are doing. Presenting the stuff in an appropriate manner makes you the coolest of all your competitors.

Try things new:Always try things new on your website. It might be design or a color. Present the newness to audience without changing brands’ identity. Don’t be afraid of plugging the comments or an issue without faux passing the content.

Present new things: Present new things on the services, products. If your brand is completely e-commerce; start advertising about the latest offers and sales on the landing page which should catch the eye of visitor.

Continue testing with new methodologiesTry different ways of propagating the website with colors  design and lay out without changing brand physique.

Import them to other digital marketing campaigns: Import the services and your url to other mediums where you have extreme presence for attracting new set of audience

Know your competition: Always be aware of the competition and keep an eye on what your competitors are doing but don’t counter with similar set of strategies.

Increasing Conversion Rate Optimization by

Employ testing methodology: test the page on your own, ask someone to try it and ask them which part is attracting on the website, track their eye on the web, keep a thorough observation for few days which page is engaging more with the visitors.

Get ready with landing pages: Your landing page should not always be a form to ask for the details of the visitor or it shouldn't be a selling page. It should always communicate with the visitors and ask for a click from there it should be redirected to the asking page or a selling page.

What should be on the landing page?Testimonials, videos, about the brand (short) are clear on the button colors, buttons and text formatting. Colours will have lot of impact on the user behavior.

What shouldn’t be?

No adverts

Do your sign up process: Make your sign up process so simple and easy so that user shouldn't baffle.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

How can you implement brand matrix for a blog and get succeeded

Img source:

To start a blog is very easy and passion for many of us. It is easy to compete with top dogs once you know where you fit in the global bloggers matrix…sounds funny isn’t it. A blog should be innovative, rich in ideas, fluent and more thoughtful then it is easy to drive traffic and start earning. It is so simple to be profitable from the blog and popularise yourself by the readers globally once you analyse your brand matrix of Blog.

‘’Brand matrix of Blog’’ Yuk Yuk……but don’t count me nuts. Think for a second and understand in which category your blog fits. Now follow these simple tips for easy marketing of your blog.


  • Loyal following
  • Focus on maintenance
  • Loosing traffic
  • Lack of Digital marketing methodologies

The leader

  • Influential
  • High market visibility
  • Innovation
  • Stay relevant
  • Digital Front

Under Dog

  • No Brand Clarity
  • Competes on promotions and market
  • Danger of Duplication
  • Random use of Digital Marketing technologies

The challenger

  • Small segment but strong in innovation
  • Segmented well
  • Creative and adaptable
  • Use of Digital marketing techniques that fit with the readers

What you need to do


  • Look for the seo
  • Social media
  • Is the quality of content is going well
  • Look for the duplications
  • Programme it
  • Fell short in adverts due to decrease in traffic
  • Be aware with the changes
  • Time lapse of posts
  • Re work the structure of the log
  • Think differently on social media to attract users and engage them

The Leader

  • Generate results
  • Be steady and simple
  • Don’t be over innovative so that you can manage your competition
  • Ideas are valuable so implement ideas in a strategic way
  • Plan and put the frequency the same
  • Content quality
  • Social media
  • Increase the brand value so that you won’t be another ex-champ
  • Use viral methods to import blog

Under Dog

  • Under dogs can market the content even with duplication
  • High seo techniques
  • Do SEM for each and every posts
  • High social media so that will give word of mouth business
  • Mix all the strategies in a linear process
  • Advertise your self
  • Once the market is reached then target specific zone and get on with the quality
  • Collaborations
  • Re working


  • Look at your target segments
  • Believe in analytics
  • Design a plan for the visitors so that they will stay on the page
  • Get in to the shoes of the reader and maintain consistency
  • Don’t make any new posts during traffic hours
  • Give alternative links for social media
  • Be genuine with the content as you are a challenger 

 Marketing your blog is an important criterion if your blog is specifically for professional use. 

These are the simple tips to market

  1. Create good first impression: If you are a new blogger or PR yourself on social sites about the new changes in the blog
  2. Let the blog speak about you: Content speak about the area and array of your blog
  3. Pump emotion in to the readers: This won’t happen so quickly, slow and steady process
  4. Collaborations: Collaborate with niche segment bloggers
  5. Acute with changes: Analyse what your competitor’s blogs are and respond to the changes and posts
  6. Brand physique: Blog should represent the identity and extremeness.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Sports and Digital Marketing

As the Olympics had drawn curtains in London and waiting for RIO; Brands have found that there is close congruence between sports and digital marketing.
Now, before we start, let’s clarify exactly what I mean by both Digital Marketing and the Sports Industry. Digital Marketing is a term that encompasses modern marketing techniques used online, for example, Social Media, Blogging, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and Pay per Click Management (PPC), Branding, Content Marketing, and Video Marketing and App creation. As for the Sports Industry, well, this really is as broad as it gets. From a performance point of view, this could be the marketing of a sports event, an athlete, a club/team, as well as sporting professional such as psychologists, physiotherapists, nutritionist, etc. Then there are the businesses and retailers offering sporting goods and services who also rely on Digital Marketing as a key driver for their business.
Whether it’s your favourite football team, sports event, retailer or competitor, being seen online, as well as engaging with supporters and customers is now a vital aspect for effective sports marketing..
Social Media and Sports
The biggest change to the sports industry has been the advent of social media. With platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, there are millions of users for sports brands to promote themselves to. This is by no means a recent thing either, as sports people and their respective clubs and teams utilise such platforms to harness branding as well as engagement to make their fans’ online experience all the more rewarding.
For the average sports fan, affording expensive tickets to see an event is often extremely challenging, both in financial and often geographical terms. What social media does is bridge the ever increasing gap between the expense of live fandom and the free exposure of social media. In effect, this has created a new form of fandom, one which takes advantage of the new digital age.
Manchester City’s social media strategy, which focuses on engagement. Whilst this is a bit of a no-brainer, after all, social media is a fantastic way of building your online branding through quality user experiences; it is possible to also drive additional traffic to your website from social media, if that’s your goal.

For any sports person, team, club or retailer who is reading this, ensure that your social media strategy is focussed towards user engagement. Ask questions, share information, run competitions, promote awareness of events, and so on. This will help to enhance your brand awareness, as well as create a platform for you to promote any products or services. Where appropriate, always link back to your website, so if you are running a competition, host the main details on your site, or ask them to visit your blog for more details. Not only will this get people liking your Facebook page or following you on Twitter, but you’ll also generate additional traffic to your site too.
A word of caution though, when you do interact with fans or users, is sure not to make any gaffes or faux pas, as this could harm your efforts, as well as your brand. In addition to the litany of sportspeople who seem to be prone to making stupid mistakes on the likes of Twitter, mainly footballers, there are also the clubs and sports brands that get it wrong from time-to-time
For many, this came across as a desperate attempt for the fans to decide who the club should sign, rather than a competent and well-run hierarchy. So, when it comes to writing updates or sharing information, remember, whilst it needs to be interactive and engaging, you also don’t want to harm your brand image, otherwise this could be a very costly mistake.
Teams and clubs across a variety of different sports have used blogging as a great way to showcase more of a human and real side to the trials and tribulations of supporting a particular team or club. Even national and local newspapers now have dedicated blog sections, where supporters can write down their thoughts of their Saturday or Sunday afternoon endeavours (or midweek evenings too for that matter). Sports fans now have huge numbers of followers and are part of a much larger online sports community. In addition to forums and chat rooms, many dedicated and die-hard fans set up and populate their own blogs with relevant and engaging material.
Some clubs hardly engage with their bloggers – not only is this doing little to garner their support, they’re missing a trick too. Other clubs, for example Arsenal Football Club, have a strong following when it comes to the online community. Thousands of different blog owners all like to share their views on what’s happening with the club both on and off the pitch, and Arsenal FC worked with blog owners to get a particular story out to their community of followers.
In short, the club had received negative press regarding the quality of medical care for its players. After launching a new state of the art medical centre, they utilised a blogger outreach programme to help generate positive publicity amongst their online community.
SEO and Sports
Believe it or not, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has taken on huge prominence within the sports industry. Whilst social media and blogging can be used to engage with fans on a much more personal level, it is SEO that’s been used to enhance exposure and generate additional traffic to websites. For example, many retailers as well as sports professionals such as freelance nutritionists, psychologists, physiologists, fitness coaches and personal trainers have taken to SEO to raise their profile within the search engine results’ pages (SERPs).
Brand Management within Search Engines
Another way in which the sports industry is using SEO for its Digital Marketing efforts is through brand management. Traditionally, brand management or reputation management within the search engines refers to the way in which the listings can be manipulated, so that only positive listings appear with the results. That means when someone searches for a brand, they will only see quality on-brand links, with anything negative or potentially harmful listings pushed down the results page. This can work wonders for any sports team or brand.
Obviously, the more high profile the sports person, team or brand, the more likely they are to incur negative listings. But if you’re trying to run a business, or preserve the image of an athlete or team, then ensuring the search results are free from any negativity is surely a priority for branding and potential commercial value.
PPC and Sports
Now, Pay per Click (PPC) listings within search engines are really for those teams, clubs or businesses that are looking to increase revenue through the selling of tickets, merchandise, clothing or services for sport and sporting events via the search engines. With this in mind, this type of Digital Marketing activity isn’t exactly exclusive to the sports industry.
Content Marketing and Video Marketing
This is referring to the creation and distribution of unique content, whether written, pictorial or in video form, which can then be optimised, giving it a greater chance to be seen online. Such marketing techniques have many benefits. From a technical point of view, it builds brand awareness, creates additional links as well as traffic to one’s website. From a sporting perspective, such content keeps fans, followers and potential customers interested and engaged.  
Let’s take Wimbledon’s YouTube channel as an example. This channel show how any sports brand can keep their fans and followers up-to-date with relevant, but unique and engaging content. If you’re hosting an event and you have the television rights to use this content, then this can be something to think about, alternatively, interviews, games, information, instructions, tips and all sorts of other content can be created instead. This is especially true if your sports business does not have the rights to show or stream sporting footage.
As with social media, the use of club or event specific Apps are now more important than ever. Whilst many sports events have become increasingly difficult to attend, due to costs and logistics, following a specific sports person or team with the use of decent application can help bridge the increasing gap between fans and their sporting idols or clubs. This is especially true for sports that have become increasingly popular as well as increasingly expensive. A new type of fandom has been created, and Apps are a fantastic way of keeping such fans engaged with their brands.
It’s clear then that whichever Digital Marketing tool you use will depend on your overall marketing goals. For high profile brands and athletes, engaging with fans and being on-brand is of paramount importance, whilst for smaller teams, clubs, retailers and sports businesses, social media as well as search engine marketing seems to be a no brainer if you want to enhance brand awareness and exposure within the search engines.

How can you bring life to a placebo with interactive messages.

A brand is a highly sophisticates attribute of all the product lines. People have tendency to recollect products with their brands name, If a brand fell short of customer interaction or lacks engagement then the brand is just termed as placebo in digital world. Engagement process varies from product to product in online world. Customer engagement usually depends on the attributes of the product. Ultimately for any product line in the universe to hail, Brand needs engagement. Customer engagement can be achieved with customer communities and digital marketing methodologies.
When a business lacks interactivity, then it is hard to control the colours of your Brand in the neurons of audience; in fact one cannot mix that brand physique to .Online world is an area where high interactivity can be achieved by mobilising your customers from a single set through different online channels.
Different type of Interactivities in online world:
Emails: greetings, ceremonial wishes
Gaming: interactive gaming by announcing winners on the leader boards and publishing them through mails and social networking sites will create a game or a brand with continuous engagement
Social networking:  Mobilising customer communities and reading the value added posts on brands television will make your audience involve in engagement.
Pursuit in the competition can be achieved by developing a strategic plan by slight inhibition of your competitors after good customer engagement
 ‘’If a brand cannot mobilize customer communities then the brand is just a placebo. Interactive messages helps in communicating with your customers.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Tips to track online adverts with different tools

1. Campaign types
2. Sub-campaigns
3. Automatic redirect files

4. Custom error re-direction

 1. Track actions, sales and redirects with the powerful HTML generator
2. Overview summary of all campaigns OR zoom in to see daily stats for any campaign or ad
3. Unlimited sub-campaigns and ads
4. Uses PHP and MySQL for instant response - can handle millions of hits per month
5. Choose between dynamic or automatically generated redirect files


1. Testing options: classic split, PHP, and multi variable (Taguchi)
2. Automatic keyword detection for Ad words, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Miva.
3. Complete conversion tracking between campaigns
4. 2 ways to track a campaign
5. Email marketing tracking
6. Life-time unlimited updates


1. Option to track all "Actions" - including sales activity - by inserting HTML
2. Ad rotation of up to 3 Urls: allows split-run testing to find best-selling products
3. Free upgrades


1. Option to track all "Actions" - including sales activity - by inserting HTML
2. at a glance summary of all campaigns
3. Notification when scheduled ads are going to start or end
4 Export of stats data


1. Click Fraud Monitoring
2. A/B Landing Page Split Testing
3. PayPerClick Keyword Tracking
4. Mobile/WAP Reporting
5. Option to host tracker on customer site


1. Can automatically track EVERY action of the visitor through your site - and through affiliate sites
2. Can show how long each visitor stays at a website
Note: the only tracker to trace the complete path of a customer even at an affiliate site


Option to track all "Actions" - including sales activity - by inserting HTML

Can track email open rates

At a glance summary of all campaigns

Can export data

Can include a query string (unique identifier) in the tracking URL


1. Sub-campaigns (tracking codes)
2. Automatic Cloaking
3. Links available in three different formats: simple link, hidden text link, or banner/image link.
4. Second Chance option provides extra pop under window with a single click.
5. Allows customization of links with product information that will help you get clicks. Links can start with or


1. Option to track sales activity by inserting HTML
2. Ad rotation of up to 128 Urls: allows split-run testing to find best-selling products
3. Daily/weekly reports by Email
4. Export of stats data
5. Advanced duplicate protection improves accuracy of click reporting (detects multiple sales/actions or refreshes from the same person)
6. Alerts system warns of problems with target URLs


1. Email alerts when your links are clicked,

2. Links that expire when you want them to,

3. Password protected links

4 Plus+ tracking feature 

Digital marketing is a solute in technological solvent

The war between colossal soft drinks Coke and Pepsi will never find the winner, they tried to figure the winner in all the traditional forms of media by using all the communication tools now they are using new methodology in digital marketing to mass reach their customers.Digital marketing a decade back is seen as a medium with low potential but in the current scenario we cannot imagine a business without digital.

        All the digital marketing methods employed by the Brands as a part of their online strategy delivered best in terms of results and rate of income. Carbon mobile which is in no way in competition to Apple is now competing with the mobile tycoon with the help of digital marketing methodology. Carbon Mobile’s lead generation techniques using e-mails with technological agita has helped them to conquer vast data base. Banner adverts, SEO, key word, online market research, and social media marketing are all as a part of carbon mobiles programme. Carbon Mobile has exploited digital medium as a single set to produce the results they deserve.  Small scale businesses are making their mark in the markets by gluing digital marketing tools with the use of technology for tracking their segments.

A digital strategy which is a part of digital marketing programme is gearing up in day to day online business environment. Technological driven digital strategies and digital marketing campaigns are producing results which cannot be assured or achieved by employing digital marketing tools in individual forms.

Is website really part of Digital Marketing?

I cannot buy Audi, john says to Laura. Yes the colour, the logo and the richness on the web which Audi uses in connecting to its set gives a sense of feel that Audi is rich and Luxurious. The first and foremost way Brands can communicate with their customers is by having an eye catching website resembling the brand personality of their audience.
Websites helps in understanding the business processes, organisations objectives, goals and products.   First impression is the best impression; hence web site should be constructed in a way to engage the customer. A Website helps the customers to acquire the information about a brand. If customers or users are impressed with the info provided then they register for the latest updates.
All the brands spend a lot of time in developing and updating the web to identify new markets, which is why website is the primary step for Digital marketing programme.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Digital marketing strengthens the Brand offline

The reality is…Marketers reported an average improvement of close to 50% for personalized multichannel campaigns over traditional campaigns.62% of online campaigns are seeing an increase in return on investment when combined with offline marketing such as direct mail. Integrating Traditional & Digital Marketing for Maximum Impact (Nielson 2010).
Clear visual connection between channels helps to drive prospects to respond online. Integrating Traditional & Digital Marketing for Maximum Impact.
Amazon is one of the largest ecommerce on mother earth, which is strategically high in digital marketing technologies and full of online in few parts of Asia but customers still believe Amazon as an offline brand which was achieved by digital media. All the new markets and completely new line of products are using digital platforms to strengthen brands offline.
Most of the marketers have sound knowledge on how to strengthen the brand; they follow different methods of digital marketing methods to build the brand online. In day to day life and with the changing landscapes in digital marketing methodology one can communicate the effect of brand reputation in online environment to offline. There are few organizations where they are carrying the effect cross channels without diluting the message and reach on proper act like Apple and Lush.
Why do want to carry the effect cross channel if you are ruling the market online. You are a marketer who has presence online, how can you carry the effect of your brand to direct marketing with high influence of online presence.
Word of mouth is a common term as digital technology has mixed with social media platforms for better incumbency. Brand texts and videos online is spread as viral, in social sites to create an impact and for recollection, if the video or a text appears to be new or astonishing or filled with humour or an offer then the WOM is carried to offline channels and the Brand image of the product gets increased. All the digital marketing platforms and tools helps the business to get engaged with the customers for long time and make them loyal to their brands which is highly appreciated part of digital marketing, but from the direct marketing point of view these brands use digital as a vehicle or as an adherent to strengthen their markets offline.

Why SEO/ social MEDIA alone cannot generate results?

Why SEO/ social MEDIA alone cannot generate results?
Many a times brands think that SEO alone can generate revenues for them, but a good digital marketing practice is not about bringing the web page on top of the search engine but also should engage customer; SEO brings you at the top but not provide the right customer because of the lack of awareness. SEO alone in the digital world is a short term objective, which has to be properly tied up with other digital methods.
Similarly social media drives the attraction and gets the Brands to engage with people and talk about the brand; but when it comes to the other side of the market customer need to figure out the brand. For example Sales and marketing should be talked as a set even though they are of two different subjects every marketing action leads to sales, where social media marketing is an AIDA(Attention, Involvement, Desire, action)  strategy in which the last A(Action) cannot be achieved only with social media.
Social media acts as a platform to promote brands but not as a selling tool. When it is SEO driven social media or social media driven SEO it can produce the best of results. For example travel agents, restaurants and medium scale organisation do more work on the later method instead the former one.

Social media is not about twitter and Facebook:
Social media deciphers the online tools that people use to share content, profiles, opinions, insights, experiences, perspectives and media itself, thus facilitating conversations and interaction online between groups of people. Most of the marketers have misconception that social media is a mixture of Facebook and Twitter. Social media is far more than the two most visible sites, Facebook and Twitter. Social media is about websites and services that use social interaction among users to generate content, and then user-generated content to generate interaction! I would argue that social media is not limited to websites but services through smartphone apps and other devices as well.
Social media means that users are not just the consumers but the creators of content as well. YouTube is a good example of social media, as well as Pinterest, Tumblr, and other micro blogging services. There are some that have talked about the SEO-like experience provided by MMORPGs (massively multi player online role playing games). At its core, it deals with the dissemination of information and experience through interaction. Face book and twitter might help you to talk your brand and create awareness and they might be the heart of social media hub but positioning only in a part of medium can create malfunctioning of the brand.