Thursday, 13 September 2012

Iphone 5 the next Digital marketing platform

Tim cooks announced the world that Apple is launching its eagerly awaited handset on 28th of September. 1.2 Billion People around the globe watched his key note online to know the extra added features on the latest version.
Apple announced that viewer’s ratio from 4s to 5 has dramatically increased which clearly emulates the enthusiasm surrounding 5.
LTE is the latest addition to Iphone5, which is a small A6 chip integrated to increase the connectivity and for fast downloading of applications. LTE is the fastest of WIFI which increases the rapidness in building connections, browsing and social bookmarking.

How can Iphone5 increase the digital marketing level?


Buzz on this inundated version, people has browsed all different sources to know the key features and updates by using all possible digital platforms.

Brings new WOM: 

Product specific details on the digital space is going viral with the increased word of mouth marketing

Set up with all platforms:

I phone 5 is set up with all digital platforms like e-mail, social media, Book marking, information services, Browsing and last but not least latest Map viewer.
With all these platforms integrated in one and with the rise of new technology (A6 LTE) I phone5 can be a next digital marketing Platform

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