Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Digital marketing is a solute in technological solvent

The war between colossal soft drinks Coke and Pepsi will never find the winner, they tried to figure the winner in all the traditional forms of media by using all the communication tools now they are using new methodology in digital marketing to mass reach their customers.Digital marketing a decade back is seen as a medium with low potential but in the current scenario we cannot imagine a business without digital.

        All the digital marketing methods employed by the Brands as a part of their online strategy delivered best in terms of results and rate of income. Carbon mobile which is in no way in competition to Apple is now competing with the mobile tycoon with the help of digital marketing methodology. Carbon Mobile’s lead generation techniques using e-mails with technological agita has helped them to conquer vast data base. Banner adverts, SEO, key word, online market research, and social media marketing are all as a part of carbon mobiles programme. Carbon Mobile has exploited digital medium as a single set to produce the results they deserve.  Small scale businesses are making their mark in the markets by gluing digital marketing tools with the use of technology for tracking their segments.

A digital strategy which is a part of digital marketing programme is gearing up in day to day online business environment. Technological driven digital strategies and digital marketing campaigns are producing results which cannot be assured or achieved by employing digital marketing tools in individual forms.

Is website really part of Digital Marketing?

I cannot buy Audi, john says to Laura. Yes the colour, the logo and the richness on the web which Audi uses in connecting to its set gives a sense of feel that Audi is rich and Luxurious. The first and foremost way Brands can communicate with their customers is by having an eye catching website resembling the brand personality of their audience.
Websites helps in understanding the business processes, organisations objectives, goals and products.   First impression is the best impression; hence web site should be constructed in a way to engage the customer. A Website helps the customers to acquire the information about a brand. If customers or users are impressed with the info provided then they register for the latest updates.
All the brands spend a lot of time in developing and updating the web to identify new markets, which is why website is the primary step for Digital marketing programme.

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