Thursday, 6 September 2012

How can you implement brand matrix for a blog and get succeeded

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To start a blog is very easy and passion for many of us. It is easy to compete with top dogs once you know where you fit in the global bloggers matrix…sounds funny isn’t it. A blog should be innovative, rich in ideas, fluent and more thoughtful then it is easy to drive traffic and start earning. It is so simple to be profitable from the blog and popularise yourself by the readers globally once you analyse your brand matrix of Blog.

‘’Brand matrix of Blog’’ Yuk Yuk……but don’t count me nuts. Think for a second and understand in which category your blog fits. Now follow these simple tips for easy marketing of your blog.


  • Loyal following
  • Focus on maintenance
  • Loosing traffic
  • Lack of Digital marketing methodologies

The leader

  • Influential
  • High market visibility
  • Innovation
  • Stay relevant
  • Digital Front

Under Dog

  • No Brand Clarity
  • Competes on promotions and market
  • Danger of Duplication
  • Random use of Digital Marketing technologies

The challenger

  • Small segment but strong in innovation
  • Segmented well
  • Creative and adaptable
  • Use of Digital marketing techniques that fit with the readers

What you need to do


  • Look for the seo
  • Social media
  • Is the quality of content is going well
  • Look for the duplications
  • Programme it
  • Fell short in adverts due to decrease in traffic
  • Be aware with the changes
  • Time lapse of posts
  • Re work the structure of the log
  • Think differently on social media to attract users and engage them

The Leader

  • Generate results
  • Be steady and simple
  • Don’t be over innovative so that you can manage your competition
  • Ideas are valuable so implement ideas in a strategic way
  • Plan and put the frequency the same
  • Content quality
  • Social media
  • Increase the brand value so that you won’t be another ex-champ
  • Use viral methods to import blog

Under Dog

  • Under dogs can market the content even with duplication
  • High seo techniques
  • Do SEM for each and every posts
  • High social media so that will give word of mouth business
  • Mix all the strategies in a linear process
  • Advertise your self
  • Once the market is reached then target specific zone and get on with the quality
  • Collaborations
  • Re working


  • Look at your target segments
  • Believe in analytics
  • Design a plan for the visitors so that they will stay on the page
  • Get in to the shoes of the reader and maintain consistency
  • Don’t make any new posts during traffic hours
  • Give alternative links for social media
  • Be genuine with the content as you are a challenger 

 Marketing your blog is an important criterion if your blog is specifically for professional use. 

These are the simple tips to market

  1. Create good first impression: If you are a new blogger or PR yourself on social sites about the new changes in the blog
  2. Let the blog speak about you: Content speak about the area and array of your blog
  3. Pump emotion in to the readers: This won’t happen so quickly, slow and steady process
  4. Collaborations: Collaborate with niche segment bloggers
  5. Acute with changes: Analyse what your competitor’s blogs are and respond to the changes and posts
  6. Brand physique: Blog should represent the identity and extremeness.


Anonymous said...

An good analysis of different blogs.. followers are also a major criteria for deciding what type of blog it would be...

Unknown said...

Yes exactly, It do depend on the type of the blog and the followers, but it is a an important thing for the blogger to know his target segment