Monday, 10 September 2012

Gain Profit and high brand visibility by buying words on Twitter:

It is tendency of a consumer or buyer to get in to the details of a product in pre-purchase stage. Decision making process always starts with product reviews, user interactions and social networking sites. When you seriously engage your brand with a celebrity, which congruence’s the target segment and the brand then brand goes viral and creates buzz……What if you are offering B2B services, where will you fit celebs?  Is there something where you get free word of mouth and high quality buzz?
Audience and users are closely related to words which have high search probability and easy to remember. If you buy a word which is closely related to your brand and business which has highest search probability then you will be treated extra special on this amazing platform which you get good brand engagement and maximum number of relative fans.

What is word buying?

Word buying is a phenomena where you will be listed or shown on the page when a user search for a particular word which you have already own it.There are a few knowledgeable sites like pretweeting and tweet exchange where you can buy words on twitter

How can it help your brand?

Choose a word which has high user interaction or frequent acquaintance and focus on having the word. The word selected should have minimum fit with the brand then the chance of visibility and buzz is high.
For example you own a word ‘arena’ and users stared to tweet or search for  international arena or world privacy arena then your brand will pop up and form a first impression which fills the gap you are missing on the twitter …….at some point of stage people will start searching for your brand.

How to make decisions and whom to contact:

 The decisions should be made with social networking or social media team who will monitor how word gamble works on twitter platform.
A digital marketing crew can make decisions which will raise your presence on twitter and get more number of fans.

How audience get engaged?

Engagement process starts with the word and the twitter groups and the number of tweets which involves how you use the word; later on people come to know that the word is nothing but your brand and make sure that you carry this effect to other digital platforms
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