Monday, 3 September 2012

Digital marketing strengthens the Brand offline

The reality is…Marketers reported an average improvement of close to 50% for personalized multichannel campaigns over traditional campaigns.62% of online campaigns are seeing an increase in return on investment when combined with offline marketing such as direct mail. Integrating Traditional & Digital Marketing for Maximum Impact (Nielson 2010).
Clear visual connection between channels helps to drive prospects to respond online. Integrating Traditional & Digital Marketing for Maximum Impact.
Amazon is one of the largest ecommerce on mother earth, which is strategically high in digital marketing technologies and full of online in few parts of Asia but customers still believe Amazon as an offline brand which was achieved by digital media. All the new markets and completely new line of products are using digital platforms to strengthen brands offline.
Most of the marketers have sound knowledge on how to strengthen the brand; they follow different methods of digital marketing methods to build the brand online. In day to day life and with the changing landscapes in digital marketing methodology one can communicate the effect of brand reputation in online environment to offline. There are few organizations where they are carrying the effect cross channels without diluting the message and reach on proper act like Apple and Lush.
Why do want to carry the effect cross channel if you are ruling the market online. You are a marketer who has presence online, how can you carry the effect of your brand to direct marketing with high influence of online presence.
Word of mouth is a common term as digital technology has mixed with social media platforms for better incumbency. Brand texts and videos online is spread as viral, in social sites to create an impact and for recollection, if the video or a text appears to be new or astonishing or filled with humour or an offer then the WOM is carried to offline channels and the Brand image of the product gets increased. All the digital marketing platforms and tools helps the business to get engaged with the customers for long time and make them loyal to their brands which is highly appreciated part of digital marketing, but from the direct marketing point of view these brands use digital as a vehicle or as an adherent to strengthen their markets offline.

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