Friday, 7 September 2012

Selling services with Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion rate optimization is an important aspect of online marketing. A brand always needs CRO unless your brand is too big for audience to remember its url. If your website generates traffic of 10000 and out of that if 100 people buy your services then your CRO is 1%. Conversion rate optimisation cannot be increased on a single day. It has to be supported with set of plans and methodologies. Here are some of the steps to increase conversion rate optimization of a brand.

Plan before implementing: 

These are the simple steps to implement before doing conversion rate optimization for  a website  

Identify the source of traffic: You have got lot of analytics at your disposal which will give a brief description of where the traffic is coming from. If your website has high in flow of traffic use  tools that detail the source. Identifying traffic is the first and important role in planning for your CRO

Know who your visitors are: As a brand know the visitors, segment them, position them and Target them. If your website is for youth then use flashy images, testimonials and be stylish if your website is targeted for middle class always be informative.

Explore the capabilities: If you know the capabilities of your services do not hide them, try to explore as best as possible, because customer loves to know what you are doing and how you are doing. Presenting the stuff in an appropriate manner makes you the coolest of all your competitors.

Try things new:Always try things new on your website. It might be design or a color. Present the newness to audience without changing brands’ identity. Don’t be afraid of plugging the comments or an issue without faux passing the content.

Present new things: Present new things on the services, products. If your brand is completely e-commerce; start advertising about the latest offers and sales on the landing page which should catch the eye of visitor.

Continue testing with new methodologiesTry different ways of propagating the website with colors  design and lay out without changing brand physique.

Import them to other digital marketing campaigns: Import the services and your url to other mediums where you have extreme presence for attracting new set of audience

Know your competition: Always be aware of the competition and keep an eye on what your competitors are doing but don’t counter with similar set of strategies.

Increasing Conversion Rate Optimization by

Employ testing methodology: test the page on your own, ask someone to try it and ask them which part is attracting on the website, track their eye on the web, keep a thorough observation for few days which page is engaging more with the visitors.

Get ready with landing pages: Your landing page should not always be a form to ask for the details of the visitor or it shouldn't be a selling page. It should always communicate with the visitors and ask for a click from there it should be redirected to the asking page or a selling page.

What should be on the landing page?Testimonials, videos, about the brand (short) are clear on the button colors, buttons and text formatting. Colours will have lot of impact on the user behavior.

What shouldn’t be?

No adverts

Do your sign up process: Make your sign up process so simple and easy so that user shouldn't baffle.

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